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Prof Hiroyuki Ida
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JSIMD, Japanese Society of Inherited Metabolic Diseases

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Prof Hiroyuki Ida
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Japanese Society for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (JSIMD) was established in 1965. The first chairman of JSIMD was Dr.Teruo Kitagawa. He initiated newborn screening for PKU, MSUD, Homocystinuria, Galactosemia and Histidinemia in 1977. In 1987, Dr.Keiya Tada, the second chairman of JSIMD organized the 4th ICIEM at Sendai. Dr.Yoshikatsu Eto, the third chairman of JSIMD organized the 10th ICIEM at Makuhari. Dr.Fumio Endo, the fourth chairman of JSIMD organized the 1st Asian Congress of IEM at Fukuoka. Dr.Hiroyuki Ida, the present chairman organized the 3rd Asian Congress of IEM at Makuhari in 2013. Tandem-mass screening begun in 2014. Annual scientific meeting of JSIMD is held and in this meeting we have scientific exchange with Asian countries as well as SSIME, SIMD and SLEIMPN. The number of JSIMD member accounts for more than 600.
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