Aims and Objectives

  1. Paediatric Metabolic Medicine (PMM) is a recognised subsection of the European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP), which is a section of Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS). The SSIEM is delegated to monitor training of clinical paediatric metabolic medicine within the EU.
  2. The long-term goal is the harmonisation of clinical training and assessment throughout the EU so that there is a uniform (high) standard.
  3. As a condition of this recognition of the sub-specialty of PMM, the SSIEM has set up a education and training advisory committee (ETAC). Although the SSIEM has no formal role within the EU in the assessment of training for laboratory scientists the SSIEM recognises a responsibility in this area. 
    Consequently ETAC is now comprised of both clinicians and laboratory scientists. ETAC has entered into an arrangement with ERNDIM whereby they provide the scientific training component of the syllabus. The SSIEM Academy Administrative offices are shared with ERNDIM in Manchester, UK.
  4. The current membership of the committee is as follows:

    Chair: Johannes Häberle

    Secretary: Simon Heales

    Administrator: Sara Gardner

    Senior Advisor: Andrew Morris, Christine Saban

    Clinical: Diana Ballhausen, James Davison, Johannes Häberle, Elaine Murphy

    Laboratory: Henk Blom, Rachel Carling, Simon Heales, Nanda Verhoeven, Fred Vaz

  5. The responsibilities of ETAC are currently as follows:



    Syllabi are published on the SSIEM website for both clinical and laboratory training.

    Formal assessment of clinical training centres & training programmes

    National societies can apply for centres within their country to be approved for training in PMM. This process requires a formal written application followed by a site visit by 2 members of ETAC. ETAC will then submit their recommendation to EAP.
    As a part of the process for training centre approval the committee will require information about local training programmes and trainee assessment. Training programmes should aim to ensure the syllabus is covered. This may be a problem in small countries as experience may be limited. The authorities have to recognise any limitations and be prepared to fund training elsewhere. If there is insufficient experience in one country the importance of obtaining experience abroad will need to be emphasised. Such work needs to be properly funded and the experience in another country recognised for training. At the present time ETAC will not be responsible for the assessment of individual trainees but may be in a position to provide career guidance.

    SSIEM Academy

    Since 2008, ETAC has organised yearly SSIEM Academy courses for both clinicians and laboratory scientists who have already some experience in inherited metabolic disease. This advanced course is currently organized in 4 year cycles covering a large part of the metabolic syllabus. The programme is divided into plenary lectures and 'small group' workshops. The course is interactive and participants are asked to submit a short case study to illustrate a particular diagnostic or clinical management problem.

    Information on the content, location and date of these courses is posted on this website.

    Further information is available from:
    Sara Gardner
    Administrator SSIEM Academy
    c/o Genetic Medicine
    6th Floor
    St Mary's Hospital
    Oxford Road
    M13 9WL
    Tel: +44 (0)161 276 6741 Fax: +44 (0)161 276 6606

    Email SSIEM Academy Administrator

    Recognition of other courses

    The committee will consider application for the recognition of courses suitable for trainees and Continuous Professional development (CPD, also called Continuous Medical education- CME).

    Criteria for recognition:

    • The subject must be relevant to those working in Paediatric Metabolic Medicine
    • The organisers must be independent of sponsors and determine both subjects and speakers
    • Courses cannot be used to promote the products of one company, although company stands may be permitted
    • Meetings must be open and not by invitation only

Updated 29 July 2020


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